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  • (09/11/01) _02.circles Synthesizer released
    I'm again attending the KVR Developer Challenge, see KVR Developer Challenge Page
    Circles Synthesizer Project Page and Documentation

  • (09/08/10) I'm currently on some UI experiments
    What's more boring than rackmount ears, wooden panels or screws on a software instrument or plugin?
    Software is different from hardware and needs better user interface concepts...

  • (09/07/08) Pitch Black will have a successor
    Improved sound engine, more modulation possibilities, lighter on CPU, new name!
    stay tuned

  • (07/11/02) Pitch Black Synthesizer was voted as #8 on KVR developer challenge
    Not a bad result at all. Thanks to all for voting!

  • (07/10/10) Pitch Black Synthesizer on KVR Developer Challenge
    Pitch Black is now available at the KVR Developer Challenger 2007.
    (Platform VSTi/Windows)
    Go, download and vote for it!

    Get the synthesizer from the KVR page

    For addtional info see the Pitch Black Project Page



wave2src: a little tool to embed wavefiles in an application. Get the source (License: GPL)

PitchBlack Spectral Waveshaping Synthesizer

_02.circles Circles Synthesizer


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